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Meet Your New Writing Bestie!


I'm so much more than a list of labels, but in a nutshell this is my elevator speech bullet points. 

  • I'm a writer who believes that the key to writing is planning and positivity.

  • I'm a full-time freelance editor, literary blogger, and author based in the Midwest.

  • I graduated from The University of West Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, a minor in Creative Writing, and I interned at Ballinger Publishing. I have a professional background in sales and am now the proud owner of a small business.

  • I'm currently writing a fantasy romance series called Star-Crossed and fantasy stand-alone novel titled Blood and Bone. My biggest dream is to self-publish!

  • I'm celebrating life with my husband and my min pin, reveling in all the wonderful little moments.

  • When I'm not writing, I'm reading whatever I can get my hands on (mostly romance/fantasy books- my fav's!)

  • I run on coffee, yoga, and an unstoppable amount of determination.

  • I like haunting thrift stores, buying more books than I need, making a mess in my kitchen, tending my indoor garden and, of course, helping other authors!

  • I'm always chillin' with my gnomies. Seriously, it's the first thing people remember me by. I love them! Other fav's include bookish clothing and everything that comes with the fall season.


Why I started writing...

From the minute I learned how to read, I was a writer. Growing up I devoured every book I could get my hands on, wrote constantly in my journals, and began making up my own characters and stories by the age of twelve. I didn't stop and eventually those casual musings turned into book ideas and several manuscripts. Then life happened. I went away to college, graduated, and started experiencing the "real" world. Bills needed paying and dreams were often put on hold.

I grew more and more frustrated with myself and my circumstances. Then inspiration struck when I realized that pursuing my passion meant more to me than going through the motions. I quit my dead-end job and decided to publish the blog I'd been dreaming about making- despite the fear! Now I'm wholeheartedly embracing my authentic self and living my passion to the fullest.

I published my first blog post in December of 2019...and I'm still going strong! It's crazy to think about how far I've come as a writer and mind-blowing seeing the response my work has garnered from the world around me. I've met so many wonderful writer friends, grown as a person, and now wake up every morning happy. My love of writing has grown far beyond anything I ever could have imagined, and these days helping other writers feel inspired is a great hobby of mine. Fast forward to two and a half years later, and I've got two novels in progress of my own and that feels great!

As I struggled through the highs and lows of writing, I began doing research on different writing related topics for my blog. As someone considering self-publishing in the future, it became crucial for me to learn the process and all that it entailed. It was through this and making connections with other writers that I learned what it takes for authors to truly succeed in a competitive market.

I decided then and there that I not only wanted to write, but I wanted to edit books too. I realized that I was uniquely qualified for the job. With my background in journalism and magazine writing, sales, creative writing, blogging, and being an aspiring author myself, I have an insider perspective of what works (and doesn't work) for authors looking to take themselves and their work to the next level. Thus, my editing services were born.

My goals for Writing It Wells are pretty simple. I want to provide ideas and support, help motivate, and see other writers succeed in their own literary pursuits. Whether you're looking to traditionally publish or self-publish, the fact remains the same- every writer could use a second opinion and a boost of positivity along the way.

If you're looking to grow as a writer, to share your experiences, tackle the challenges this line of work brings, and finally hold your novel in your hand- this is where your journey begins. Long story short, I took a leap of faith and invested in myself. Now it's your turn.

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