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Alina Wells

Welcome to Writing It Wells, a writing blog dedicated to providing tips, resources, and inspiration for writers at all stages.

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Editor, Blogger, Author,

Creative Entrepreneur


Hello friends!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to Writing It Wells where I share my love for all things literary and help authors edit their novels.

My passion for books began when I was a child, learning to read and then write from my teachers. I fondly remember weekend trips with my family to Barnes and Noble and staying up late in high school to pen my own stories. When I discovered Tamora Pierce's novels featuring female warriors who went to battle and fell in love, I was hooked on the written word. I knew in that moment that writing would be my destiny. Today I help writers embrace their own writing journeys and offer support where it's most needed- in the editing phase!

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Your Novel matters!


As an editor, I believe that every author has an impact on our world. Whether the goal is to traditionally publish or to self-publish, every writer has a story that deserves to shine its brightest.

Whether we aim to inform or entertain, the power of words cannot be denied. While we all strive for clarity and exemplary storytelling, sometimes we fall short of our goal and the details grow muddled.

It's precisely this moment within the creative process that you need the help of a friend with a keen eye for detail, a wealth of industry knowledge, and a fine red pen. Someone who cares as much about your novel and its success as you do.

That's where I come in. My Developmental Editing will help you streamline your storytelling, enhance your strengths and identify your weaknesses. Together we'll pull your story together and weave in what's missing to take it to the next level.  Together we can elevate your story and increase your book's chance at success!


Alina Wells is an editor, literary blogger, and author. She studied at the University of West Florida and received her degree in Journalism and Creative Writing.


She started Writing It Wells as a way of embracing a new creative career while pursuing her first novel Star-Crossed. Today it has grown to include both a blog aimed to help writer's perfect their craft and editing services.

When she's not writing she's spending her time reading fantasy novels, cooking (her second passion), watching movies with her husband, wrangling her miniature pinscher Ranger, and collecting more gnomes.

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    "I would highly recommend working with Alina to anyone who wants a comprehensive and professional review of their book for critiquing. In the future, as I write more books, I will definitely be asking for her professional opinion again. She was a pleasure to work with and anyone would benefit extremely well from her knowledge. Thank you Alina!"

-Charli West, author of To Catch The Wind

and Dance Within The Wind

"Life is a book. We fill the pages." -Victoria Valentine



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