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A glimpse into my current writing project:


Meet the characters:

Welcome to the kingdom of Avicenna

Untitled design(18).png

Specifically the city of Palmyr (my wip's main setting backdrop)

Untitled design(15).png

And Hyperian Manor where the story mainly takes place.

Untitled design(19).png

Hyperian Manor is the home of the ruling class and the home of my three main pov's Delicia, Hadrian, and Cilla

Untitled design(17).png

Another setting that appears is the Ativan, a forest used only by the noble class for hunting and other entertainment

Untitled design(16).png

The last wip aesthetic is The Tavern Viridian, a favorite haunt for Hadrian and his cousin Brysen.

Thanks for reading! Check back for more Star-Crossed sneak peeks as development progresses.

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