The Poetry Corner

Here you'll find some of my original works of poetry. Enjoy!

New poems are released as I write them. If you'd like to see more, check out my Instagram.
And The Story Begins
Without You
Between You & Me
Till The Time I’m There
Two Sides To Every Story
Copy of Lend Me Light
Copy of (Don’t) Save Me
Copy of The Price You Pay
Copy of Lend Me Light
Till The Time I’m There
Copy of I Am Stone
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Alina Wells is a writer, blogger, and poet. She studied at the University of West Florida and received her degree in Journalism and Creative Writing.


She started Writing It Wells as a way of embracing a new creative career while pursuing her first novel Star-Crossed.

When she's not writing she's spending her time reading fantasy or fiction, cooking, hanging out with her husband, wrangling her miniature pinscher Ranger, and collecting more gnomes.