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100 Captivating Blog Post Ideas For Writers

Blogging for authors is different from blogging in general but serves a larger purpose. It allows you to connect and inform your readers, attract new readers by demonstrating your writing prowess, and it allows you to collect feedback from your ideal reader. Many writers have seen the value of blogging for their author business, but not all know where to start. If you fall into the category of interested but unsure, this post is for you: Blogging For Authors: Why You Should & How To Get Started.

In continuation of our blogging theme, today we'll be sharing 100 blogging ideas for writers. These will help you get started, refresh your blog's content, and give you inspiration for future blog posts.

Blogging for Authors

Are you looking for ideas on how to find more readers for your book? Have you considered blogging as a method of connecting with readers? Technical trainer Barb Drozdowich has been blogging for over 10 years. She has grown her blogs to thousands of visitors each day & understands what authors need. Finding readers is the key to success. One of the best ways to connect with these readers is through the establishment of a blog - one that isn’t just a billboard for sales & releases, but a method for establishing long term relationships with readers.

Read more here!

100 Blog Post Ideas For Writers

  1. Review a book within your genre.

  2. Write about a common problem within your genre and how to solve it.

  3. Interview one of your readers or fellow writers on your blog.

  4. Write about an author who has influenced your writing.

  5. Share your inspiration for your main character- if based off a real person, interview them.

  6. Tell your readers the story of how you started writing.

  7. Share a place that inspires you to write (don't forget to include lots of pictures!)

  8. Share the first piece you ever wrote - talk about how you’ve grown as a writer and what you’ve learned from it.

  9. Go into more detail regarding a subtopic of your book.

  10. Explore a hobby you enjoy outside of writing. Why do you like it? Does it inspire you to write or give you a break from it?

  11. Discuss the complex themes or messages found in your story- why are they important to you?

  12. What's the best writing advice you've ever been given? The worst?

  13. Choose a topic currently happening within the publishing industry. Discuss your thoughts.

  14. Share your self-care routine (and how it helps you write better).

  15. Create a monthly series about the novels you're currently reading.

  16. Engage your community by creating a month-long writing challenge.

  17. How do you begin writing a new book? What challenges come with it?

  18. How do you celebrate once you finish a book?

  19. What writing rituals do you swear by?

  20. Share your writing routine. Do you follow a schedule or word count? What works/doesn't?

  21. Tell us how you develop your characters. Create a free download character worksheet.

  22. Is research part of your novel? Delve into your process.

  23. Did you talk with a specialist for your book? Interview and feature them.

  24. Share your favorite bookish holiday traditions.

  25. What was your favorite book growing up? Why?

  26. What discouraging feedback did you recently receive? How did you overcome it?

  27. Do a myth-busters post and debunk some common writing myths.

  28. What did people tell you about why you shouldn't write growing up? Were they right or wrong?

  29. Talk about your experience with hiring an editor.

  30. Create a playlist of your favorite music you like to listen to while you write.

  31. Share your special writing place (desk, couch, coffee shop, etc.).

  32. What places in the real world inspired your book's setting and why?

  33. Have fans contribute or vote on your next book cover & feature it on your blog.

  34. Ask fans to vote on the names of your upcoming characters.

  35. List your favorite book review blogs.

  36. List your favorite author blogs.

  37. Create a dream cast of actors for your books.

  38. Create a blog post of funny author meme's.

  39. Poke fun at awkward writing moments.

  40. List your personal writing goals for the coming year.

  41. How did you come up with your latest book idea? Share your process.

  42. Are you a pantser, plotter, or somewhere in between?

  43. Share a character's "favorite recipe" or a "secret family recipe" and cook it. Share pictures.

  44. Create a crafting project inspired by your novel. Tell us your process and share pictures.

  45. Are your fans drawing character art for your novels? Gather a collection and share them. Give credit to the artists!

  46. What are your favorite writing apps? Why were they helpful?

  47. Share your reading list for the year- what are your must-have's?

  48. Ask your readers what they love most in a story. Tell them why your novel fits the bill.

  49. How to get your local library to order the books you are interested in.

  50. Share the different ways writers can support you and other authors.

  51. Tell us the different ways we can order your book merchandise and books.

  52. What surprised you about the writing process? Why?

  53. What do you find most frustrating/challenging as a writer? How do you overcome these?

  54. What marketing techniques have you found most helpful for selling your novels?

  55. Ask your readers which genre they hate to read and why?

  56. Interview leading members of your industry (agents, editors, publishers, marketers, etc.)

  57. If you are a published author with many books, write about the difference between your first book and your latest. Talk about the differences in style, character development, etc.

  58. Spotlight great writing articles from other writers/authors/bloggers.

  59. Talk about how to write the perfect book blurb.

  60. Share your experience at a writing conference or writer's retreat.

  61. How to write a query letter or pitch.

  62. Choose a bookish event (like Pitch Wars or Nano) write about your experience, share a few tips, etc.

  63. Discuss the different types of jobs writers could do and how to find them.

  64. Talk about writers block and how to prevent it.

  65. Talk about the inspiration behind your current book. If you have more than one book out, do a series on what inspired each of those books.

  66. Spotlight helpful genre infographics.

  67. Interview your significant other about your writing career and how they feel about it.

  68. Talk about writing magazines, whether you should invest money into them and how to get deals on them.

  69. Create a viral video that depicts a scene in your book.

  70. Share tips on how to treat your writing career as a business.

  71. Share how to make money reviewing books.

  72. Create a list of blog post topics and share them.

  73. Feature your book cover designer - talk about other covers they have worked on, what you love about their work, etc.

  74. Have your fans submit questions that you answer on your blog.

  75. Talk about your favorite causes (charities) and why they are important to you.

  76. Interview your fans on their favorite/least favorite characters in your novel. Share which ones you loved writing/didn't and why.

  77. Share your fears and anxieties about your writing career.

  78. Write a short story/flash fiction piece for your blog followers (Break it up into two blog posts).

  79. Share a collection of your poetry (if you write poems).

  80. Post an inspirational collection of quotes about writing and the writing process.

  81. What did you do for your book launch? What worked? What would you do differently next time?

  82. Describe how to throw a themed party from one of your books.

  83. Write about the time you almost gave up on your writing career and what saved it.

  84. What genre do you secretly want to write in but fear you can't?

  85. Share how you stay organized when developing a story- what methods do you use?

  86. Talk about the story tropes you can't get enough of.

  87. Share the tropes you're sick of and never want to see again.

  88. Who is your favorite author and what books you like of theirs and why.

  89. Share how to get your novel featured at your local bookstore.

  90. Spotlight a local bookstore or second-hand shop. Give us a tour, tell us about the history, etc.

  91. Create a Pinterest board for each of your new characters and talk about them on your blog.

  92. Create a list of topics to discuss in a writing group.

  93. Share a list of your top 10 favorite books of all time.

  94. Pick a trending bookish twitter topic and discuss it on your blog.

  95. Spotlight your 5 favorite Indie authors.

  96. Describe your dream launch party.

  97. If you’re in a writers group or Facebook Group with other writers, feature one of them on your blog.

  98. A genie grants you 3 wishes to use towards your writing career. What are they and why?

  99. Why do you write? Tell us your motivations, fears, goals, how you plan to reach them.

  100. What does your author dream look like? Describe it.


How To Write A Blog Post

Good luck writing your blog post!

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