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30 Amazing Gift Ideas for Writers

*Updated on 8/17/21 We periodically freshen up our posts to ensure its usefulness to our readers. Enjoy!*

Shopping for a book lover? It can be difficult to find the perfect gift, especially if you aren't literary-inclined yourself. No matter if you're shopping for a writing spouse, a daughter who reads, or a friend in love with a fictional character, this amazing gift guide fits the bill and your budget.

1. Notebooks, Pens, and Journals

Anyone who knows a writer knows that person has a collection of empty notebooks, extra pens stashed away, and probably a journal or two for extraneous story ideas. These come endlessly in handy as writers blow through them faster than Puffs tissues during cold season. The rule of thumb is that you can never have too many, and that's absolutely 100% true. These ordinary office supply items are kind of boring by themselves, so we recommend creating a gift basket. Mix a few of these necessary items with cute desk decor, cute packaging, a book or two from their favorite author and you'll have an excellent gift that any author is sure to swoon over.

Here are some great options for your gift basket.You can even pair it with any of the other ideas on this list for added magnificence.

Constellation Notebook Packs

G2 Pens


2. Mugs With Writing Quotes Or Literary References

This one is great because it's something that can be used every day, and can also be personalized to show that there was some thought behind gifting it. For the best results choose a quote from your recipient's favorite novel, a humorous writing quote, or one that reflects the genre they write from or who they are as a person. It can be dressed up with candy, bookmarks, baked goods, character art/merchandise, coffee, or tea to create a smaller version of a gift basket. This is a quick fix for coworker gifts, and is a great option if you're on a tighter budget.

There are some awesome literary mugs on Amazon that would be ideal for this type of gift.

Poe Mug

Jane Austen Mug

William Shakespeare

3. Books, Books, And More Books!

This one is a win-win no matter what you choose. For those who love to read, you can't go wrong by providing the written word. This is a fantastic option for anyone. Whether it's for your grandfather, a friend, or a coworker you can't go wrong. Have a lot of writer or reader friends? Suggest a Secret Reader book swap for a fun and affordable group gifting session. It's always interesting to find out what someone else thinks is interesting/entertaining, but it also provides insight into new styles of writing and genres that they may not be inclined to find and read on their own. Books of craft are also a great option because they help keep authors updated on the latest in writing tips and tricks. A great craft book is On Writing Well by William Zinsser. The link is included below.

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

4. A Subscription To A Writing Magazine

This one is similar to #3. A subscription to a writing magazine such as Writer's Digest or Poets & Writers can be invaluable. These publications are PACKED with all the latest information about the literary industry. They have tips on writing, editing, marketing, and publishing. Reference materials that can help find agents, writing conferences, publishers, M.F.A. programs, and so much more! Not to mention that with a yearly subscription it becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Gift Cards To A Bookstore

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Gift cards make wonderful stocking stuffers! Better still when they are to Barnes and Nobles or Amazon, which both have a wide selection of literary-related products. Personally, I love it when people give me gift cards. Not only does it allow me to choose what books or other products I want, but it gives me the experience of shopping (which I also love). It also solves a last-minute gift giving dilemma, especially if you're buying for someone who has everything.

6. Fuzzy Blankets And Other Cozy Feel-Good Things

Most writers spend a lot of time indoors in front of a computer. This means that comfy items are a must. One could argue they are a requirement of the job. For this reason anything soft and fuzzy that your writer can cuddle up with is appreciated. Book print blankets, fuzzy pj's, socks, Sherpa hoodies, leggings, and lounge wear are sure to be a hit this winter.

Book Print Blanket

Stephen King Blanket

Harry Potter

7. Writer's Gear

You can never go wrong with a humorous t-shirt. For those who write, having a good sense of humor goes a long way, especially during those long months of solitary writing and revisions. Not to mention that sometimes we want to show off who we are with cute merchandise.

Dream While Awake T-shirt

Writer's Block

8. A Novel-Inspiring Experience!

This is a more unique option, but tons of fun. Writers could always use more inspiration, and what better way to find some than by experiencing something new? Tickets to the theater, a trip to a museum or art exhibit, seats at the hottest concert, or even a night out are all fantastic ways to enjoy spending time with your loved one while giving them a chance to recharge their muse.

9. A Television Streaming Subscription

Snuggle up and enjoy a night in watching your loved one's favorite movie or show. From Game of Thrones to a movie on Disney+, you can't go wrong with giving the gift of cinematic inspiration. Make it extra special by turning it into a theater experience complete with assorted popcorn flavors, cozy blankets, and hot chocolate.

Image Credit: Disney+, accessed 8/17/21

10. Munchies!

Need I say more? Food baskets are the ultimate gift idea. There's a wide variety of them out there, from chocolate, to mixed munchies, to wine and cheese, and it's easy to find one in your price range. Gourmet Gift Baskets has a great selection of high-quality goodies your writer is sure to melt for.

Image Credit: Gourmet Gift Baskets website, accessed 8/17/21

11. Coffee, Hot Chocolate, And Teas

This one goes hand-in-hand with the mug idea from #2. I rely heavily on coffee to keep me going and appreciate anything coffee-related when it comes to gifts. This comes in handy because a) I'm not a morning person, and b) I'm usually coming off of a late night writing binge. Recently I saw that Macy's has the cutest Starbucks gift baskets on sale (and of course I bought one!). They come with fun add-ons and tons of options when it comes to packaging for an all-in-one shopping experience. If you want to DIY this option or personalize it, simply buy your own mug and add whatever extras you find suitable. Be creative! Hot chocolate or tea are great alternatives if your intended doesn't drink caffeine!

Starbucks Gift Set

12. Writing Prompt Journals

These are super cool because they provide a wealth of ideas and inspiration for a writer in dire need of a new idea or a way to break out of writer's block. Depending on which one you get, they range in creativity from simple "finish this story" prompts, to a more abstract approach of "use these five words in a story". Whichever way you go, it's sure to be a hit!

642 Things To Write About

13. Scrivener

If you're unfamiliar, Scrivener is a software program designed specifically for writers. It allows you to write a manuscript and keep all your ideas organized in one place. If your writer doesn't already have this installed on their computer (especially if they're new to writing) then this is the ultimate Christmas surprise.

14. The Latest Tech

Another great idea is to expand your writer's world with the latest gadgets. This comes in handy if your writer is a journalist, blogger, or avid traveler. I highly suggest go pros, high resolution cameras, and Ipads as these are all travel-friendly and easy to carry around.


15. Self Care Packages

Self care is very important, and the #1 thing that writer's lose track of. With endless deadlines and getting lost in our own made-up worlds, it's no wonder that we tend to neglect ourselves physically and mentally. This is where we need the most help. Self care packages that contain soothing bath products, candles, and positivity books are always a welcome change of pace, as they remind us to take care of ourselves first and create second.

Spa Gift Set

16. Book Lights and Bookmarks

This one is for the readers out there. These make great stocking stuffers due to their small size and really come in handy when traveling. They can also be paired with any of the other gifts on this list as a nice little add-on if you're feeling generous. Barnes and Nobles has a great selection up front by the registers.

Book light


17. Tickets To A Writing Conference

Writing conferences happen year-round in various locations and provide a great opportunity for learning and networking. If you're looking for a gift for a writer who is ready to take the next step and get their work into the hands of a publisher or if they're in need of connections or feedback on their body of work, you may want to consider getting them a ticket to one of these events. You can search for conferences and other writing-related events below via the link.

18. Puzzles, Trivia, Word Games

A fun way to keep a writer's brain sharp is to give them a new way to exercise it. Brain teasers, puzzles, and word games like Scrabble are a brilliant avenue for entertainment, family bonding, and creativity.

Trivial Pursuit

19. Gum. And lots of it!

This sounds silly, but chewing gum is another staple of mine. It helps keep me focused when writing, and keeps me from over-eating late at night (as that's usually when I find the time to sit down and be creative). I definitely find this helpful and think others might enjoy finding it in their stockings too!

20. Writer's Retreat

If your writer is struggling to finish their work and has extra time on their hands to devote to writing, then you might want to look into a Writer's Retreat program. These can be pricey depending on what they entail, but well worth it. Basically, you rent a place for them to live and work that's in the middle of nowhere (someplace nice) where they can hole up and do nothing but write and possibly talk to others in the program for x amount of months. It's supposed to be a more complete form of solitude that allows a writer to finish their project without the distraction of their everyday life. Personally, I think it sounds wonderful! See the link below to find out more information about writer's retreats and where they are happening in 2020 courtesy of The Write Life.

21. Neck And Back Massage

Being hunched over a desk for days on end does take a tole on one's neck and back. I definitely feel the strain after a full day of typing and don't doubt that other writer's share the same problem. This is why products that target those trouble spots are ideal Christmas gifts. If you've got a larger budget, you could also purchase a voucher for a spa and send them to de-stress for the day!

Neck Massager

22. Spend Time With Them

Along the lines of self care, interactions with friends and loved ones also tend to take the back burner. Most writers spend a lot of time by themselves, as writing is a solitary sport and also one that takes up a lot of time. While we don't mind being left to our own devices and working independently, we do still need time with those that we care about most. That's why I've included this on the list, even though technically it's not something you can gift wrap or buy. Make sure you draw your writer out of their shell this holiday season so they can enjoy the festivities too!

23. Buy Their Books And Leave A Review

I can't stress this one enough. If you want to give your writer the BEST gift ever, then offer to read their work or buy a copy of their book (if they're already published). We spend so much of our time, energy, and hearts working on our projects that the best way to show us that you care about us is to invest some time in it yourselves. Plus, we want you to take an interest and to hear your thoughts on what we've been working on!

24. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Great for anyone who can't focus around excessive noise, gets distracted easily, or just really loves to blare their own music. These are great for spouses who work from home, writers who have children, or those who lack a quiet office and need to do their work in public places like coffee shops.


25. Bookshelf Decorations

What writer or bookworm doesn't like to decorate their bookshelves and writing space? A fun way to express their personality and motivate them to write, there's all sorts of cool fan merchandise that you can purchase from their favorite TV shows, book series, or about writing in general. A fun example are the mini figurines from Game of Thrones, cute signs with quotes on them, or my personal favorite, tiny gnomes! Yes, the photo above is of one of my bookshelves!

Black Widow Funko Pop

Tiny Letter Board

Motivational Sign

26. Art Supplies

I love to take a break from writing by being creative in another way. One of my favorite things to do is color, since it allows me to create without carrying the same stressors as writing. Doing another kind of creative activity helps refresh the muse and makes me feel more like returning to writing later. Art supplies like drawing pencils and a sketchpad also come in handy when it comes to world-building and drawing up maps and other cool elements of a story.

27. Exercise Classes

Going back to self care and being stranded at a desk all day, it's important that writers take time out of their daily routines to remember to stretch and exercise physically. A great way to encourage that is to gift them with a voucher for an exercise class like Pilates, yoga, or cycling.

28. Calligraphy Tools

I left this one separate from art supplies only because I feel like it closely relates to writing whereas the art supplies are mostly for blowing off creative steam. Calligraphy is a really neat hobby. I've tried it out as a kid, and let me tell you, it is so much fun! It definitely makes you appreciate the way words look once you give them a fancy flourish or two.

Calligraphy Set

29. Surprise Vacation

Who doesn't need a vacation? I know I do! But there's a specific reason why I added this to the list. Traveling is probably the best way to break out of writer's block and find inspiration. It gets you out of your comfort zone, doing new, oftentimes unfamiliar activities, and gives you the gift of exploration and new scenery. It doesn't matter where you go or how long you stay, it's sure to keep the ideas flowing!

30. Money

I think this one is pretty obvious, as everyone appreciates having a little extra pocket change, but I think money is even more important to anyone pursing a creative profession. A lot of writers live in expensive cities where rent and the cost of living are ridiculously high. We've all felt the struggle to provide for ourselves without sacrificing our artistic dreams. Whether we need that extra cash for bills, writing classes, supplies, or food, it's probably not far from the truth to say that at some point in our lives, we've all struggled.

That's it! 30 AMAZING GIFT IDEAS FOR WRITERS. If you've read this entire post, you're awesome and thank you! I know this one was a bit lengthy. If you were here looking for gift ideas I hope this helped and that you now know what you need to get. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and Happy Shopping!

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