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30 Fresh Post/Reel Ideas For Authors On Instagram

With spring right around the corner, we thought it was time to share some tips to refresh your author Instagram and attract new readers. Below we've curated a list of ideas to help you promote your books and show off your author personality.

  1. Introduce yourself...but make it quirky (example: Lead with a little-known fact)

  2. Share 5 author facts about yourself but use visual examples

  3. Introduce your current WIP or published works but mix it up with music and aesthetics

  4. Share 10 facts about your novel in a reel

  5. Tell the story of your author journey in a reel over a candid video

  6. Create an aesthetic character reel for your main character

  7. Dress up as your main character and create a relatable reel

  8. Who inspired you to write and why

  9. Share your spring writing space/writing routine

  10. Does your story take place in spring? If so, share about why you chose this setting

  11. If your novel has a romance plotline, share how your characters first meet

  12. What is your Main Character's favorite flower?

  13. Create and share your spring writing playlist

  14. Refresh your author brand and share the updates with your audience

  15. Play a matching game for your book's main character. Have readers guess what your main character's favorite things are

  16. Give a tour of your author website

  17. Create a reading "live" session where you read a portion of your latest novel

  18. Share a snippet of your book with your links on where readers can purchase

  19. Your tips on how you stay motivated to write

  20. What spring time animal best represents your characters and why

  21. Tell us what your favorite scene you've written recently is

  22. Spring book stack

  23. Share your favorite spring reads

  24. Create a monthly book stack spelling out each month of spring

  25. What are your favorite spring activities?

  26. What are your goals for this spring?

  27. What are you most looking forward to about this month?

  28. Create a spring bucket list and share it

  29. Share your favorite outdoor reading space

  30. Create a reel with your highlights from this month


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