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50 Instagram Reel Ideas For Authors

Let's face it, Reels are here to stay. As the next big social media trend, we've seen an insurgence of #booktok Reels being created left and right- and readers LOVE them. While some authors have jumped on board and have let their goofy sides show, others have hidden on the sidelines praying that if they don't look at it, it'll go away. Well, unfortunately we can't tell you they'll go away. BUT we can give you some ideas that can help even the most introverted author feel comfortable dipping their toes in.


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What Are Reels And Why Should We Use Them?

There's no doubt you've seen them everywhere. Those fifteen second video clips that feature a person (or persons) talking and doing something entertaining. Whether it's taking on an internet challenge, imparting their best industry tips, or simply being silly it's eye-catching and addictive. Like with pieces of candy, audiences are easily drawn in and captivated by this new form of surface level entertainment.

Reels are quick, fun, and effective. It's an opportunity to reach more potential readers, faster. The algorithm is currently promoting Reels and putting them in front of more people over any other form of media on Instagram. Where you couldn't get one hundred people to view your post about your book before, a Reel you make tomorrow could reach thousands. What's more, Reels and Tiktoks are very similar, meaning you can create content on Tiktok and share it in the Reels section on Instagram- that means less work for double the exposure! It also means that you can do more with your marketing. You can create varitey with what you share, meaning you can mix and match how you deliver information about your book which makes it more exciting for those who might want to know about it.

50 Imaginative Reel Ideas For Instagram (And TikTok)

  1. Introduce Yourself- share your name, what you write, the books you're working on, what you like to read, etc.

  2. Share your favorite writing or editing tips.

  3. Show us how you draw your characters, maps, or other creative projects pertaining to your book that aren't necessarily writing-related.

  4. Share the book quotes that most inspired you.

  5. Create a character reel featuring the image and aesthetic for your main character.

  6. Create an aesthetic reel that shows the overall theme of your story.

  7. Use a funny voice-over to draw relatable observations about author life.

  8. Share a book recommendation with specific tropes, character types, or plot twists in mind.

  9. Put together and model outfits to represent the different modes of writing.

  10. Impersonate a character in a popular novel or one of your own.

  11. Share tips on how to get into writing.

  12. Share your "author" story- where did you get your start and how did you get where you are now?

  13. Create a book recommendations list in your genre and share it.

  14. Tell us your book crush!

  15. Take us for a bookshelf tour.

  16. Share how you organize your books.

  17. Tell us why you write in your chosen genre.

  18. Share your top 5 books that came out this year.

  19. Take us on a tour of your favorite bookshop.

  20. What books are on your TBR list and why?

  21. Who are your top 5 favorite authors ever and why?

  22. Your favorite bookish accessories and where you got them.

  23. Personify the different types of readers.

  24. Funny things you do while reading or writing.

  25. Who would you cast to star in the movie version of your book?

  26. What are your biggest pet peeves as a writer? As a reader?

  27. What are your favorite seasonal books?

  28. What are some weird writing habits you have?

  29. Why do you write?

  30. Act out scenes from your novel or your favorite novel.

  31. Rearrange/redecorate your bookshelf using timelapse.

  32. Share your book mail or latest book haul.

  33. Create a parody of your favorite book character.

  34. Share your author journey in images from draft to published book.

  35. Share reviews you've received using image graphics and effects.

  36. Show off your character's greatest flaw or weakness in images.

  37. Rate the book versus the movie adaptation.

  38. Take us on a tour of all the places where you wrote your book.

  39. Create a short book teaser trailer.

  40. Share your favorite lines from your book in rapid sequence.

  41. Tell us your least favorite book tropes.

  42. Show us your planning method- how you outlined or planned your novel.

  43. Act out the different types of authors.

  44. Tell us the difference between traditional and indie publishing.

  45. What are you grateful for as a reader or writer?

  46. What books changed your life?

  47. #Writerproblems

  48. Show us your favorite book covers.

  49. Show us your favorite character art.

  50. Thank the writing/reading community for being awesome!

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