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Top 10 Idea-Sparking Resources

Hello all! If you're reading this, Merry Christmas Eve! Thanks for taking a moment out of your holiday festivities to check this out. In my last post I wrote about ideas and inspiration. Where to find some if you're lacking, and what to do if you're new to writing and unfamiliar with the process. Jumping off of that, I've complied a list of AWESOME creative resources that you should DEFINITELY use to help you on your writing journey! Each of these sites are unique in their own way and have endless possibilities when it comes to inspiration.

1. Writer's Digest Prompts

Weekly posted writing prompts covering a variety of topics. They typically provide a sentence or two to help get you started. Some of the more interesting ones focus on a specific detail. For example: a type of food that your character enjoys eating. The coolest feature here is that you can share what you come up with in the comments and read what other writers come up with too!

2. Behind the Name

An etymology and history of first names. If you need a name for your character, give this site a try! They have listings ordered by ethnicity, mythology, meanings, and more. They also have links to their place and surname sites.

3. Reddit's Writing Prompt Thread

An online forum community whose members post multiple prompts each day. You can choose to write your idea in the comments and have other writers review it or post a prompt of your own. The best part is that it provides group support and encouragement almost instantly.

4. Tumblr

Similar to Reddit, another community forum. More relaxed, this community combines all things writer. Memes, jokes, and motivation galore! Great if you need a pep talk along with your daily writing prompts.

5. Pinterest

The creativity is boundless! If you've imagined your book as a movie, this is the site for you. A personal favorite of mine, it supplies an abundance of images that you can use to create story boards, find writing prompts, tips, quotes, and pretty much anything else you can think of. If you haven't already, go check out my page using the social link at the bottom of this page!

6. DIYMFA Writer Igniter

With its colorful layout and playful "slot machine" take on generating ideas, it's hard not to have fun while browsing for ideas! Embrace the methods of an M.F.A. program, without the price tag, with all the resources gathered here.

7. Creativity Portal

So fun! Helpful information and prompts are transformed into a lighthearted, interactive experience. The highlighted feature of the season is the Creative Christmas ADVENTure Calendar by Chris Dunmire. Enjoy checking off all the boxes each day for a uniquely wonderful writing boost.

8. Six-Word Memoirs

Feeling feisty and looking for a challenge? Definitely head over to Six-word Memoirs. Blending words with images, your submission can only contain- you guessed it- six words! Impossible you say? With thousands of submissions, you'll find all the proof you need to start trying it out for yourself. Contests are also hosted here where you can win prizes for your entries!

9. Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

Found on Tumblr, daily prompts are the only thing showcased on this sassy blog. A variety of different topics and types are on display for you to pick and choose from.

10. Storybird

Saving the best for last, this art-inspired creative writing platform is unlike anything else available. Once you join you're able to turn your ideas into literal "picture books" and then share them on the platform. You'll get feedback from teachers, professional editors, and authors. Appropriate for all ages, it also provides quizzes, lessons, and more to help you grow your skills as a writer.

From writing prompts to community forums, these 10 INSPIRATIONAL IDEAS are sure to put you in the mood to write. Have you tried any of these? What did you think? Comment below or use the chatbox to share what you've found! I'd love to hear about what you're currently brainstorming.

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