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Writing Inspiration: 50 Writing Prompts To Spark Your Creativity

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With spring comes rejuvenated creativity and energy so we thought we'd share 50 writing prompts to spark your creativity!

Here are 50 writing prompts to get you started:

  1. Slapping some sense into an immortal creature when you're half their size probably isn't the greatest idea. But sometimes they need it.

  2. I was always ashamed to to take. So I gave. It was not a virtue. It was a disguise.

  3. The magic no longer flowed through her family's veins. It had died out generations ago. Or at least that's what they'd been told.

  4. The Winter King is stern but kind. The Summer Queen wears bright flowers and has a heart like stone.

  5. The warm glow of the flames glinted off the golden crowns as every one of the kings dropped to their knees and bowed before her.

  6. An heirloom snow globe with a secret.

  7. You are the reincarnation of the Vampire Lord's beloved daughter who had been killed by werewolves a century ago. Only this time you are human. Your past is unknown to you and you are caught in the middle of a war between two races. The werewolves use you as bait for you are the only weakness the vampire lord has.

  8. Two thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win.

  9. Werewolf girls snarling at men who dare to cat call them, baring fangs to show they are not to be trifled with.

  10. Every year, all the wizards, mages, and sorcerers of the land come together to play in a large tournament. They gamble their powers.

  11. She knew hearing music in the woods at night was usually a bad sign, but it was such a pretty tune.

  12. "If you value your life, my life, the lives of everyone in the won't wake the sleeping princess."

  13. Sewing a nightmare was quick and easy, dreams took months, and cost a fortune.

  14. The only hope the kingdom has rests with a beautiful witch, a very loud princess, a clumsy thief, and a fairy that likes to set things on fire.

  15. She had been called many things in her life: thief, vagabond, exile, outcast. Now she would be called Empress.

  16. I continued to sip my coffee as he choked to death. It was bitter- both the coffee and the look on his face.

  17. She started her day in a warm sweater. Though her evening ended in a warm pool of her blood.

  18. The light in her eyes were like dying embers. Soft and warm. Over time, there was nothing left but ashes.

  19. "No man has ever survived the curse." "Well, then it's a good thing I'm not a man."

  20. The roses began wilting for the first time in a hundred years.

  21. Magic is forbidden by order of her father, the king, and punishable by death. How will she hide the fact that she can suddenly talk to animals?

  22. He kissed her brow as the world around them burned. "See you in the next life, my love," he whispered.

  23. "Are you serious?" she asked. I lifted the blade. "Do I look serious?"

  24. Like a key into a keyhole, my knife slid into his back. When twisting it I heard a welcoming click.

  25. Book in hand, he uttered the words no one had heard in centuries.

  26. "I have a personal rule about not fighting with ruling monarchs."

  27. Her body was littered with scars from old hunts, a living tapestry of near-misses and fights.

  28. When your family consists of sociopaths and murderers you tend to hate the holidays.

  29. I was with a girl who I had a big crush on. We were about to eat at a restaurant, but I realized I'd left my wallet in the car, so she went in while I ran to grab it. As I left, I noticed an elderly couple go in after her and what she did next left me totally horrified.

  30. She's like glass; break her and you're the one who's bleeding.

  31. He called me by my real name. No one ever called me by my real name. It was a top secret.

  32. A prince collects a group of misfit creatures along his way to defeat the "holders of the curse', the only way to save and unite the realm from the thousand-year war.

  33. Your character threatens someone they have no real intention of hurting. Why?

  34. "A name is a very powerful thing. Make sure you don't just give yours to anyone."

  35. I inherited a gift people would die for. A gift many would die to protect. A gift, I didn't even want.

  36. I opened my mouth to taste the falling white flakes only to realize they weren't snow at all..."

  37. And in the morning mists, when the knife goes in and twists, you'll watch your grand desires leave with nothing but a kiss...

  38. "He doesn't understand you like I do."

  39. In 20 words or less write the happiest scene you can.

  40. A princess runs away because of an arranged marriage, befriends a gang of outlaws, falls in love with one of them, only to find out he is actually the prince she was supposed to marry, who also ran away.

  41. "Do you blame me for it?" "I blame you for everything."

  42. A Lord takes a fancy to a peasant girl and kidnaps her for his own. Little does he know that she's a trained assassin who has been preparing to take his life for years.

  43. Children who die at a young age are given a very special role in the afterlife: they become invisible friends, assigned to other children who need them back in the living realm.

  44. "You smile like an idiot when you're talking to her."

  45. "When you find a human you want to save, just mark them with a little red string."

  46. Remember when we were kids and we had to draw what we wanted to be when we grew up? Man, were we all wrong.

  47. "You don't know what it's like to have a broken heart, not until the one you love dies in your arms."

  48. "Smiles are contagious." "Don't worry, I'm vaccinated."

  49. "There's a devil on my shoulder where the angels used to be."

  50. Write a short story on a song of your choice. The catch is you must use every single lyric of the song in your story somehow.

Happy Writing!

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